Tuesday, 10 March 2009

1st post

Hello everyone :)

I'll do some formatting and stuff later on, I'm just posting this at lunchtime at work to get it set up. A quick resume of the last 6 months - we bought the land, cleared it, relocated the greenhouse to my parents' garden, re-roofed the garage, changed the fence at the front into a large openable gate, bought a caravan to live in for the duration, applied for and have been granted planning permission (DEC '08), applied for and have been granted Building Regs Approval (MAR '09), and applied for and have been accepted by NHBC (MAR '09), and applied for and are currently awaiting the first stage of our mortgage to be deposited into my bank account. Which will be a good thing, as we had to pay for the NHBC warranty before getting any money from the mortgage so I'm currently £2000 in my overdraft until the money comes through!

We're currently living in a little 4 berth caravan on site, which despite sounding like the worst idea ever - isnt actually that bad.

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