Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Second sheet of mesh arrived this morning from Senior Steel, rather inconveniently while I was having my breakfast! We will cut and place this on Thursday, still hoping to pour concrete on Friday. Friday and Saturday's weather looks to be fine, min temps at night +8, no rain. It's Thursday's weather that concerns me at the moment - heavy rain! We may be able to cover the trenches over on Wednesday to protect the bottom from being wet.

Over the last couple of weeks and months, we've been slowly collecting this stuff:

B&Q recycled plastic insulation. This will be packed inbetween the timber frame studs in our walls. It started out at £15 a bag, then went to half price and we bought some, then they cancelled the offer, then they reduced the price, then they did half price on the new price and we bought some more, now they've cancelled the offer again. We dont need this until after the electrician has finished his first fix (months off yet) so we'll wait until the half price offer comes up again before buying a load more.

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