Wednesday, 13 May 2009

No pictures, but we are now officially out of the ground :-)

We laid 16 blocks last night, with one cement mixer full of mortar (1 bucket of cement, 4 buckets of sand, 1 bucket of water and 175ml of plasticiser). With another 286 to go, we're not going to be finished any time soon, but if we buy another trowel we can work twice as fast, and at weekends we can do several loads of mortar no problem.

I also used the new 9" diamond cutting disc in uncle John's angle grinder - which went through a dense concrete block like it wasn't there, but deposited most of it in dust form all over my clothes! Not much you can do about that though I guess, although I will be wearing a dustmask next time.

In other news, I just ordered a sausage egg and bacon panini from the sandwich shop, only to discover that they've not put any bacon in it! My day was going quite well up to this point :-(

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