Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hurrah - did some more building work last night! We only laid another 12 blocks, but we have now finished 5 (of 8) walls, and started the 6th. A brainwave came to me last night aswell, instead of paying Travis Perkins to deliver 600 bricks, we'll go and collect them in 120 brick loads - then we only have what we need on site, no need to store them at my parent's house like we did with the blocks, we can take advantage of them being the cheapest (55p per brick) AND we can buy the exact number we need - so no wastage. We're also going to buy a gazebo which we can work under in the rain, so the weather will no longer be a factor in how fast we build the walls up. I'm hoping to finish all the blockwork this weekend (!) and begin work on the brickwork and reducing the level of the ground inside the building.

For photographic interest, here's a photo of Emma looking out over Loch Ness, from our travels in Scotland 2 weeks ago. This is the original photo, not doctored in any way:

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