Monday, 22 June 2009

Well after a successful weekend I have some decent photos to show. First a shot of the progress of the topsoil stripping, kitchen and bathroom areas both complete:Next the completed blockwork around the whole perimeter:Next our first load of brickwork - 120 staffordshire slate blue bricks at 55p each (after a brief discussion at Travis Perkins when they attempted to charge me £1.24 a brick!):And finally our first corner of brickwork. This is a lot messier than the rest of them are going to be, primarily because it's the first attempt, also because this brick will actually be almost 100% below ground level, so you wont really see it. We're not going to put the mortar between the mitred bricks in the others, because you can see it looks a bit naff. But as I said, this is below ground so it doesnt matter much for now. You can also see our first go at pointing. Although it looks like the bricks are wonky I can assure you it's just the camera angle:

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