Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Here's our water supply pipe, insulated, inside under-floor ducting:
And here's what it looks like half-buried in what was left of our hardcore:

Unfortunately, as you can see, that means we havent got enough hardcore :-(

Luckily, though, we have free delivery from Travis Perkins, so another bag is on it's way. The compactor is also booked (Homebase HireStation) for the weekend, and I've ordered the fixings, drill bits, threaded bar etc to hold the wallplate down.

Tonight, if it stays dry, we should be able to brick up the final corner of the building, so the brickwork really will be 100% complete - a major landmark for us.

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  1. Hi, you seem to be getting on really well. Is the other pipe your sewage out? I suppose you have a concrete slab to go on top of your hard core and a timber frame on top of that?