Thursday, 2 July 2009

More bricks laid:

We found it much easier laying one row of bricks, because you dont have to worry about keeping the inside brick in line while you lay the outside brick. We also worked in a different way this time, with Emma laying the mortar out and me following behind laying the bricks. This worked better than both of us laying bricks starting from each end and working towards the middle, becuase we werent both needing the same tools. I forgot to account for the plasticising effect of the coulouring agent last time, leaving us with rather sloppy mortar. Using half as much this time resulted in a better mortar mix. As a result, we laid this line of bricks quite quickly and neatly. The inner row will be even quicker because we wont need to worry about presentation - because it will all be hidden.

If we get good weather this weekend, we should easily be able to complete the first course of brickwork before our BRC reinforcement arrives on Tuesday which will allow us to lay the second and third courses.

A big truck with 18 x 1 tonne bags of hardcore is turning up on Monday. We'll have a lot of shovelling to do!

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