Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tried to do more wallplate fixing last night, to not much success. My gut feeling is that I'm not able to fully engage the fixings into the hole because I cant hit the M6 bar hard enough. The bar is buckling before the fixing moves. Of course I didnt find this out on the one I tested - because it wasnt in a concrete hole it was just between my feet so it splayed out really easily.

Two possible solutions - one is to get a short section of M6 welded to the end of an M10, which will give me loads of extra power before it buckles. And the longstop is to buy some angle straps, fix them to the concrete slab then screw them to the walls. I am going to use a load-tester from work tonight to see what load the ones we've installed so far can carry - I suspect most if not all will fail!

In other news, windows are ordered & should be here on the 24th. And timber to begin work on the frame should be here tomorrow morning yay :)


  1. Ah, the windows, in all grand designs the windows always seem to let the builder down. They never seem to order them early enough.

    I don't understand how the bar could be buckling. Surely the hole you drill would keep it straight, or straight enough to get into the fixing. You were worried about the dust, are you sure its not the same problem? How are you clearing the holes?

  2. Vacuum cleaner, although it doesnt work very well it's not as important as say a resin fixing :)