Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Another panel erected last night:
One of the studs happens to line up with our internal wall almost perfectly, so we've used this to our advantage and put up the temporary diagonal bracing piece by simply nailing it to the side of the sole plate for the internal wall. It is worth noting that this is fine for restraint to the wall as it stands, but if we were to put up even one OSB board we would need three nails into one of the metal angle brackets bolted into the concrete to provide sufficient restraint. Some of the calculations I do really are dull!


  1. only 3 studs at a time?
    you'll still be putting the walls up on x-mas day at that rate :)

  2. These are 3m tall panels, Emma can only just about lift the weight and keep it stable! I could probably lift one twice as big with my brother - but we only have enough light to just about finish making a panel with 3 studs in it, so thats all we do :)