Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Just got back from site, after a very interesting discussion with the valuer sent on behalf of our mortgage company. Turns out that the stages at which he was expecting to visit the site were 1) after completing the foundations, and 2) after finishing the walls. Of course, we're halfway through finishing the walls, so he was a bit confused to start with. I think the stages have been revised as part of TMB being taken over by Barclays (or whoever it was), and in any case they differ from the NHBC stages - so when I sent in the 'Stage 3' NHBC certificate, which confirms completing of the plinth wall and ground floor prep, the mortgage company must have thought we're on to what they refer to as stage 4, which is the roof! If that all sounds about as confusing as it could possibly be, then you'd have about as much of a handle on it as I do!!

Anyway, it seems to be all sorted now, and basically we'll get a valuation done every time we call for another drawdown, the only practical implication of which is there will be a delay between finishing the walls and starting the roof while we have the valuation done.

Our front door has arrived, and so has our invoice from Senior Steel for our steel beam, which has come in at slightly less than I had allowed in the budget. Very good.

Hello to all of you who skipped all that and went straight to the photo, because I know that will be most of you! Mocking up the corner window arrangement last night:

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