Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The other internal walls (bathroom/kitchen/airing cupboard) now have the soleplate fixed to them. We have forgotten the dpc though, so we'll have to undo the nuts and slide it under the timber before tightening it down again.

Our next stage money has arrived - they have deposited it into my bank account and not the new joint account I specified on my last Stage Release form, no matter I can transfer it across myself.


  1. do you need a DPC under a sole plate for an interior wall?
    it's on top of a wall that's on top of a concrete slab that has a DPM under it.
    surely no damp will come up through the slab?
    with the outside walls I can understand it as they are exposed to the elements etc..

  2. I think it's a bit secondary to be honest - but it's in the NHBC details and we've got some spare so I thought I might as well put it in.