Wednesday, 30 September 2009

With the arrival of our sliding folding door, the garage is now well-stocked! The panels of the door are stacked on the left of the picture, our oak front door is on the right, windows are generally scattered around, bikes fill any remaining floor space!: Our steel beam in position, using only me and my brother and a bit of inginuity! It becomes (slightly) less impressive once you know how we did it, the more observant amongst you will probably spot the method. Im pretty chuffed with it anyway:

The door is 3.4m wide. Unfortunately, the opening is also 3.4m wide, because I forgot I was supposed to be making it 20mm wider than the door. Shouldnt be too much hassle to sort out though, just a shame I didnt double check it. The mistake happened several days ago when we cut the wallplate to leave a 3400 gap instead of a 3420 gap. The bottom plate has to come off the beam for us to drill the countersunk holes, so the bolts dont interfere with the top track of the door, which all the panels are hung from.
So, still some faffing to do, but still a milestone.

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