Monday, 16 November 2009

Treading water

Difficult week. Feeling like we're making an awful lot of effort to make not an awful lot of progress - in fact most of what we've done this week and weekend is just to get us back to where we were last weekend, as the weather we are having at the moment is destroying everything we do! The wind ripped our temporary protection off the roof three times, in the end (2.30am, after coming home from the pub on Friday) we just pulled it all down knowing Sunday was going to be a nicer day and we could redo it in a more permanent fashion. We've done this using battens on the plywood, then the vapour barrier then another batten, screwing the top batten down through the vb and the lower batten into the plywood. By effectively spacing the plastic sheet away from the (wet) plywood, we can allow the plywood to dry out with the crosswind, but still protect it from further rain. Initial inspection this morning, after more strong wind and heavy rain last night, appears to confirm it has survived one night, but how many more is yet to be seen!

One element of progress though, after an epic effort from my mum and dad, the floor slab is almost clear of the 1" of standing water that was on it. A little bit of mopping up and some evaporation and it will be dry again.

Hopefully the semi-permanent roof covering will now stand the test of the weather, and we can concentrate on finishing the last few bits of roof bracing before getting our stage 5 certificate from NHBC.

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  1. Keep up the good work. It will be worth it in the end. You are doing so well. Get it as weather proof as you can before the winter really sets in.