Monday, 14 December 2009

Saturday was roofing day! Having just about recovered from the plague, we tackled the medium sized roof, aiming to have it waterproof by the end of the day. First job was to remove the temporary battens and sheeting, then lay the vapour control layer, then attach the 47x150 edging board, then fill the inside with insulation boards fixed down with our special EJOT fixings. Here's me cutting one of the boards, note the use of the peaked beanie hat to obscure almost all of my face:
Andy Capp again, this time installing a fixing:Work in progress:

We hauled the sheet of EPDM rubber up onto the roof and laid it out to 'relax'. And then it got dark. Undeterred by this, we broke out our rollers and folded back one half of the sheet and applied the blue glue to the top surface of the insulation, repeat for the other side. I'd taken my gloves off at this point, mostly due to them being irrepairably stuck together with expanding foam, and in the dark I couldnt really see the glue splattering off the roller and onto my hands. It was fairly obvious later that night, when we went to the pub and I looked like I had some sort of hideous skin condition!*

The completed roof:
That last photo was taken on Sunday, when we had filled in the gap between the wallplate and the ply deck with insulation board. This area is not square, because of the fall on the roof, so doing this was quite a lot of hassle and took ages. This has now been covered with OSB and Tyvek so that this wall is effectively now complete. We also insulated and OSB'd the upstand between the low roof and the main roof (the one I'm standing on to take the above photo)
We plan to continue our way around the high roof, finishing the tops of the walls, and the low level roof is a job for the weekend, once my pre-formed external corners arrive on Wednesday. The rubber for the large roof is in my van, which is still in the garage!
* I'm happy to report that it's peeling off now, in most (but not all) cases without large chunks of my skin attached to it.

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