Monday, 4 January 2010

Between Christmas and new year, my absolutely mint condition '05 plate GSXR750 was stolen :(

Other than that, it was a relatively productive week. We have now finished the roof, save from attaching the edging trims:

In the above picture, Emma is attaching the inner edging board, and we then covered the top in plywood. This section of roof is cantilevered out, so it doesnt need to be insulated, so we used plywood to save using up another 2 insulation boards which would have cost us nearly £100!

Here's the EPDM laid out, ready to be stuck down:

That was Sunday and Monday taken care of, Tuesday Emma worked so I did some shopping, Wednesday I found out the bike had been taken so I was in no mood to do anything, and then Thursday Friday and Sunday we set to work on the interior walls:

That's looking from the living/dining room at the dressing room. This wall has studs at 400mm centres rather than the 600mm we've used elsewhere, as we're going to be hanging our tv on this wall. Later we also did part of the bedroom wall, up to the point where we had to stop because we couldnt (and still cant) decide whether to go for a sliding door into our bedroom or not.
This next photo is looking up from the kitchen at the bathroom wall and ceiling joists:

From the living/dining room (here you can also see the side wall to the bathroom which will form the back wall of the airing cupboard):

Whilst we have now nearly finished the internal walls, we still havent fitted either of the doors, so technically we are not wind and watertight yet, but it's all got to be done at some point. I suspect we'll tackle the sliding folding door as soon as I can get a decent power supply to my angle grinder.


  1. looking good.. and happy new year..

    nearly ready for first fix electrical and plumbing then... pricey... :)

  2. looking at your pictures, you're going to have to drill through your self made "box beam" to get the electrics over there, and you might have to build a box out where the roof steps up to the higher level again..