Monday, 11 January 2010

Saturday we did some more external wall battening, and fitted the two remaining bathroom windows. I've decided we'll sort the cladding out for the post at a later date. Here's the final result from the inside:

And from the outside:
This picture looks a bit odd. When the render is on it will make more sense as the render will stick out from the wall more than the cladding round the post will, and it'll look like both windows have been sliced out of the corner of the building. Well hopefully it'll look like that anyway!

Also, we discovered these mysterious holes in the two bathroom windows, they have clearly been measured and cut in specific places, but we have no idea what they are for! We have sealed them up with a bit of exterior sealant:

We also took delivery of the chipboard to fit out the loft space above the bathroom, and a few more studs to finish the interior walls. On Friday we made the decision to go with EcoVision for our heat pump, hot water cylinder and underfloor heating - and paid them a £495 deposit to secure an additional 5% discount for an early order.

1 comment:

  1. the holes.. are they on the "outside" or the window?
    they're most likely for drainage.. to let any water out that gets past the seals?