Monday, 8 February 2010

On saturday we did some more battening, around the bathroom windows, before realising we'd need to build the porch roof before we could do any more to that wall. More on this later. The main accomplishment of the weekend was completing the rainwater drainage. Obviously it's not completely complete, but complete in the sense that if we have a huge storm we should not get flooded:
Here's the porch roof under construction:
And structurally complete:

Although I keep referring to this as a 'porch', really it's not a porch at all (a porch has walls). Technically it's a canopy. The battens are there underneath because it will be clad in cedar boards and we thought they would look better spanning side to side. We just need to cut a piece of plywood to size and nail it to the top, before covering it in a waterproof membrane. We could order another piece of EPDM for this, or we could use up the spare felt that we have left over from covering the garage roof last year.
We also spotted some awesome solid granite paving slabs in B&Q for a much reduced price, so we decided that we'd get some, and we're going back for some more tonight! At retail price they would have cost over £220, we spent £80. Bargain!

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