Tuesday, 2 February 2010

We have done a load of clearing up on the site, completed all the guttering and downpipes, and about 80% finished the underground drains to the soakaway. Our fridge is also now working again.

Easiest explained in pictures I think, but first of all here's Emma wearing two hats and pulling a sad face:So, here's the gutter to collect the water from the high level roof and throw it onto the low level roof. We used a 90 degree angle to 'hide' the short downpipe from the front view and it's worked really well:

Here's the front view, confirming you cant see the downpipe in the previous picture from the front. You can see the two main downpipes in this picture, and also some of the below-ground gubbins:
The below-gound gubbins from the other end of the house:

The continuation of the pipe from the previous picture:

It was getting dark as I took that last one. We then added a few more sections before we gave up. We have about 5 or 6 metres to go to reach the hole that will eventually become our soakaway, so we're hoping we dont get any torrential rain in the next week or so, as we'll flood the trench we've just dug. We now need some 'pea gravel' to permanently support the pipe with the correct gradient (currently it's on bricks for rough setting out) before having it inspected before we can cover it over.

Almost all of that was achieved on Monday, having spent most of Saturday doing trips to the tip, and Sunday was just me digging by myself. W made only one mistake - cutting the wrong section of downpipe tubing to make the short bit at the top, meaning we had to go to Screwfix to spend £2 on a joiner to join back on the bit we'd just cut off!

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