Thursday, 18 March 2010

Here's a rather cluttered arrangement of various services. Everything clears everything else by a reasonable distance, but it still looks rather tight:
Electricity will go into the box on the wall up the 'hockey stick', water enters the house via the blue pipe, water from the washing machine, dishwasher, sinks and bath comes down the pipe from the left, and the drain from the toilet connects into it at the manhole.


  1. is that a surface drain next to the leccy pipe?
    not sure you can do that.. can't mix storm and foul... there's the smell to think of too..

    have you asked the service providers if they allow you to use one trench for all?
    some require minimum seperation from other services.

    what about phone / internet?

  2. No, its a foul drain, all the rainwater pipes are round the back. The services (water and electricity - we have no gas) are going in the same trench at different heights. We will also lay a duct for phone, even though we have no immediate plans to connect a phone line.