Monday, 29 March 2010

The weekend started with one of these:
Fixed with a special plaster: Front 'garden' area covered so no grass grows through. Once we're ready to do the drive, this will fold out to cover some of that aswell:

Emma hard at work doing the Tyvek at the top of the side wall:

The back wall, which is nearly finished now, with all the battening done, and most of the mesh aswell:

So we managed to complete the side wall with OSB, Tyvek, and 95% of the horizontal battens (then we ran out of battens). We also did some mesh under the bathroom window. All the vertical battens and most of the mesh on the back wall. Front garden covered over. Bottom batten and dpc on other side wall.
This week, the forecast is for rain most nights, so we'll be taking advantage of the lighter evenings and varnishing our front door and frame.

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