Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Last night we added some more mesh around the bathroom window (I hate going round the windows, its so awkward, good job we've only got one more to do!!), and also tidied up the front door canopy: Next job will be round the corner from the front door, so we can get the battens and mesh fitted above the canopy and progress on down the back wall.

By the way, we have two 'back' walls. The south facing one is the one which looks out onto our back garden (with the sliding folding door in it), and the north facing one which is the one you can see in the above picture, which is right next to a fence and has no windows in it - we can hardly call it the front wall, so its the 'other back' wall!

EcoVision Systems emailed me today with a design for our underfloor heating layout.

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