Monday, 12 April 2010

Lovely weather, loads of progress, played a bit on my pit bike aswell. Here's Emma finishing the back wall. The whole back and one side of the house is now finished and ready to be rendered: This picture shows the side finished, the bathroom is only part done (below the window), we aim to finish it this week after trial-mounting our datestone:
The resin is setting as I type, for the threaded bars which will be used to hold the stone in place on the wall. All that remains to do is drill the holes in the wall and get the stone up there!
As a bit of light relief, we had a go at some wall insulation:

Although as you can see this hasnt worked too well. Upon reading the pack, it says the insulation will return to full thickness (200mm) after 3-5 days. Because it's designed for loft and therefore horizontal application, we might have to unroll loads of it and leave it for a week before we can put it in the walls! This might prove to be quite inconvenient, but we'll see how it goes.

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  1. have you decided what you're doing about the electrics yet? might be a good idea to get that sorted before you go filling all the wall voids with fiberglass.. lots of drilling to do and wood chips tend to like sticking in fiberglass....
    unless you're going for the 25mm battening inside on top of a ply / chipboard "inner skin" for the wall..