Monday, 19 April 2010

This weekend we did the other back wall. Finish the tops of the wall with insulation, OSB and Tyvek, then the top level horizontal battens, vertical battens and mesh - including removing and refitting the gutters to get the topmost pieces of mesh on. Here's where we were at the end of Saturday: And here's where we finished at the sort-of-end of Sunday:
I say sort-of-end of Sunday because we still had another 1.5 hours left before needing to go to my parents for dinner - but I didnt have 1.5 hours of energy left, so we called it a day early. We still did massively well though. Long may this excellent weather continue!!
I ordered the polystyrene floor insulation today, also more battens, and we'll need more mesh too but I can order that to come later.

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