Tuesday, 18 May 2010

MASSIVE update alert!

One of these arrived: Note the damage to our neighbours path due to idiot Lafarge lorry driver, and also due to me not being present while the reversing took place (I was in bed dosed up on strong painkillers but still in pain from my tooth). We have replaced the broken paving slab, but I'm still not too happy about it.

The guys from Screed.IT did some of this:
Then some of this:
Then we left the floor screed to dry out:
And now it looks like this:

Which is all good :)
My tooth has also been removed, which is also all good - especially as it cost £50, and not the £550 I was expecting to pay for root treatment and a gold crown.
What's not so good is our rendering, which basically still hasnt started! The guy who was originally going to do the work (and still may, depending on various things) has said he cant do it with the house as it stands at the moment. He wants us to attach another layer of mesh on the whole house, and then he needs to do an extra coat of render, for which he'll charge us another £1000, before he can start on the two coats he's quoted us for.
We're currently investigating other options.
1st fix electrics will get underway in June, and also we can get the EcoVision boys back in to do their hot water cylinder and associated gubbins.

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