Monday, 7 June 2010

1st fix carpentry this weekend. Here is one of our Wickes door frames: And installed:
Those two pictures make it look A LOT easier than it actually was! Im not sure installing 3 door frames would count as a whole weekend's work for a decent carpenter, but we got there in the end. Hopefully we wont have to trim the doors much when we come to install them later!
We also lined the rest of the airing cupboard with plywood, a request from Ecovision for when they come to install the cylinder and associateed gubbins. There will be double bi-fold doors to the front of this, which you can see in the background, so another double(ish) frame went in here:

You can also see the bathroom door frame in the above picture, the door to go in there looks like this:

We also did a massive amount of gardening on Sunday, and there's now a pile of dead garden as tall as Emma on our drive, waiting to be taken to the tip. All plant life should live in fear of me and my chainsaw!

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