Monday, 19 July 2010

Friday morning the building inspector came and OK'd our 1st fix, so we now have our stage 7 completion certificate - the next one will be the one that says our house is finished!!

Then a bit later all this turned up: So we started putting it up. I rapidly came to the conclusion that I actually rather like putting up plasterboard :)
In the above photo you can see where we cut the template of a double plug socket out of the plasterboard, so the backbox can be inserted later.

In this photo you can see where we drilled holes in the ceiling boards to pull the wires for the lights through.

Emma doing some scrim taping.

A finished corner of our bedroom. The panels round the windows are quite good because you can put the board up whole, then score around the window opening - and then thump the panel to break that bit off. You then feel a bit like the Fonz elbowing the jukebox to make it play :)

This is our dressing room, which is now basically finished apart from plug socket holes which we aren't bothering with at this stage on the internal walls because there's no vapour barrier to worry about.
We also went to Bathstore on Saturday and spent nearly £1200 on cool bathroom stuff, the most expensive of which was a £280 cupboard! It will all be delivered on Thursday, apart from the showerhead which is on backorder and I'll pick up from the shop sometime in August. This had the unexpected benefit of saving us £5 on delivery, which was nice :)

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