Monday, 5 July 2010

On Saturday morning, these two reprobates turned up to give us a hand with the mesh for a few hours. Strike a pose:
We managed to finish the kitchen south and east walls, and made significant progress on all the others. The back wall will be finished tonight. We have contacted Paul to see if he can come and do the rendering next week. At the same time, we also hope to have the 1st fix completed (with vapour barrier) in order to have our final NHBC inspection done while we're off work.
On Sunday we fitted the lock to our front door, using the router, which was a partial success. I routed out a groove for the lock mechanism to sit in, without realising it needed shallower shoulders for the faceplate to rest on, allowing the slidey bit to move freely in the groove beneath it. The result is we need something very thin to space the faceplate - as tightening the screws at the moment clamps the locking mechanism solid! I'll pay more attention next time.
We also have waste pipes now aswell:

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