Monday, 12 July 2010

Vapour barrier in the kitchen: Close-up of the backboxes put in at 1st fix stage becuase they clash with a timber stud - normally the backboxes will be clipped into holes in the plasterboard, but these ones need to be mounted to the timber. The top one is a Heatmiser, at eye level, the middle one is a light switch, at 1200mm, the bottom one is a grid switch plate with 6 switches in it, which will be used to isolate each of our major appliances apart from the fridge/freezer:

Quite a successful weekend, the vapour barrier is well over 50% complete and should be finished tonight and tomorrow, before our inspection possibly on Wednesday, and plasterboard delivery is confirmed for Friday from Travis Perkins.

We also watched the British Grand Prix - which was really good, and the World Cup Final - which wasnt.

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