Friday, 9 July 2010

We ordered our door furniture last night, nice modern handles in satin stainless steel and matching locks/escutcheons/thumbturns/doorstops. We have decided not to use the handles that came with the front door lock as 'nasty chrome coated plastic' isnt really the look we're going for! Emma is going to order our plasterboard this lunchtime. Yesterday evening we started putting up the vapour barrier. We've got about half of it done, starting in the dressing room and going all the way round the side of the house to the sliding folding door. It overlaps with the dpm for the underfloor heating at the bottom, and the roof vapour barrier at the top. Pictures later.
Electric 1st fix will be completed on Saturday, and we will follow that with finishing the vapour barrier inside, ready for our NHBC inspection next week, allowing us to start the plasterboarding as soon as it turns up on Friday.

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