Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MAJOR photo update!

Although obviously nowhere near finished, at least rendering is underway, and the double layer of mesh appears to be a suitable substrate to hold the render. Here's the front elevation done, with Paul hiding down the side working on that wall: The 'missing bit' is where our datestone is going. And here in full panoramic glory* is the rear elevation after the first coat:

The 'missing' bit on this side will be cedar boarding. There are two missing bits actually, but you can only really see the one under the bedroom window. Work is progressing quickly, so there will be further significant updates over the next few days, Paul is eyeing having the whole house finished by the end of NEXT WEEK !!! :-D

* courtesy of my new Vivaz phone - I took two pictures on the 'panoramic' setting, and the technology within the phone combined them into this image. Which was nice!

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