Monday, 6 September 2010

Front door fitted: Bedroom door fitted:

99% of the plasterboard completed:

So it was all going really well, we'd put up the temporary blackout curtains my mum made for us, and bought an airbed from Argos, with the aim being to spend our first night in our house!! Except the front door lock jammed in the 'locked' position on Sunday morning, and we only just managed to move the key enough to open the door, and in trying to get the key out again it snapped!

We have emailed the company we got the lock from (£140), as they supposedly come with a 10 year guarantee.

Tester pots for external paint. Top to bottom = Jasmine White, Ivory Stone, Gardenia, cant remember - possibly Magnolia, Oatmeal. All nice. Difficult decision:

The cracks dont appear to have got massively worse over the last dry week, so we're hoping that we can repair them at the next opportunity before painting.
Ermin Plant will be supplying a digger over the weekend, and hopefully Martyn will be back the weekend after that to finish the electric 1st fix.

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