Thursday, 30 September 2010

Having now spoken to three different people at Severn Trent, all of whom have said we can backfill the trench, we will backfill the bit that is disrupting our neighbours this weekend.

Dot And Dab Plastering will be coming two weeks today to plaster our walls. They were the 3rd most expensive out of 4 quotes, but we had a personal recommendation for them from our electrician, Martyn, who said he had seen their work before and they were good. Which, given what happened to our render, has got to be a good thing!

We have decided not to limit ourselves to choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet WITH a shaver socket, and will be fitting the backbox for a standalone shaver socket this weekend. We would have done it on Tuesday night, but Emma took the only suitable piece of green plasterboard we had left, and cut it the wrong shape so now we have to go and buy more.

I have been continuing with crack repair as and when I can. Hoping to also make significant progress on this front this weekend too.

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