Thursday, 9 September 2010

Well the replacement lock arrived, and I fitted it last night, and so far it's all working great. We spent our first night in the house last night! Unfortunately the airbed is less than comfortable, but it's very quiet and very dark.

E-on have cashed our cheque, which is good news! Martyn has confirmed the 18th of September to finish the 1st fix electrics, which is also good news.

We started on Tuesday night to attempt to repair the cracks in the render, seeing as it looks like they might have stabilised. For some reason we decided the front wall was the best place to start. This turned out to be a mistake! I was filling the cracks with liberal amounts of filler, about 1" wide in total, thinking we'd sand it down flush later. But of course the render isnt smooth, so even sanded down and painted you can still obviously see where the filler is. A minor disaster.
Last night I tried with a much smaller implement (something mum gave me, I think its from a manicure set or something!), on the back wall, with much more promising results.

And for my birthday this year I have one of these:

A GoPro HD Hero action camera, which I am just starting to play with now. I'll upload a walkaround of the house when I get chance, because it has a 170 degree wide angle lens it's particularly suitable for showing indoor pictures and videos. Any togs amongst you will know what I mean instantly, but I'll put up a comparison picture to demonstrate this, again later when I've got time.

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