Monday, 11 October 2010

External paintwork complete! Well, apart from all the bits that Paul is yet to finish, but you know what I mean. I wasnt too sure we'd made the right colour choice after the first day putting on the watered down first coat - but it all came together once we finished the second coat, and now it looks really smart. Just enough colour in the paint to retain some warmth and softness to the building, but pale enough to look modern. It looks especially good with the door and the datestone, and the grey aluminium detailing. One thing that becomes immediately apparent when you look at the building now, is how much better it would have looked with matching grey aluminium windows. But never mind. At some point in the building's life it will need new windows, so maybe we'll sort it out then.

No photos unfortunately as my phone was all but out of battery this morning, but I'll take some this evening and put them up tomorrow.

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