Thursday, 14 October 2010

Plastering pictures:
Bedroom looking into dressing room:

Dining room looking into bedroom:

They have also done the lounge/dining room ceiling, and the bathroom ceiling. We are extremely pleased with it! I think it's over 50% complete now, and with a full weekend's work I think the plastering will be finished. It's drying quite fast, so we're looking on schedule for interior painting the following weekend.

Having had the building inspector over to examine the render, we may have a significant problem! He (obviously) rejected the east wall. But he may yet reject some of the bits we've already painted, and there's a possibility he'll reject ALL OF IT!! This would be a total disaster, as I'm sure we wouldnt be able to persuade Paul to do it again, and we have no money left to pay someone else to do it again - even if we then subsequently sue Paul for this expense. So I really dont know what we'll do if it comes to that. Negotiations are ongoing.
In other news, Griggs can provide a 200mm deep skirting board in the 'Ovolo' profile we like, so that's good news, and also they do redwood cladding which might be an option for the remainder of the external work. We might go over there to have a look at it, as we both have Monday off work.
To end, here's our datestone in it's final setting:

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