Monday, 29 November 2010

Temperature update: it's absolutely freezing...

... but not in our house :-D The heat pump is working very well indeed, and these temperatures are close to the lowest you could reasonably expect in this country. We will have to keep the heating on constantly when it gets colder. It's having to defrost itself quite a lot, which ruins the efficiency, but it's still producing enough heat to keep the house comfortable. Which is nice.

We started fitting the door surrounds at the weekend, they look really good, especially with the non-gloss 'eggshell' finish on them. Very subtle. We also finished all of the wardrobes in the dressing room, again these look very good. Just got to put shelves and stuff in them now.

Testing all the plumbing revealed some fixings that are still weeping, despite my best manstrength efforts to tighten them up. There was a minor flood when I removed the hot tap fitting in the kitchen and part of the hot water cylinder emptied itself onto the kitchen floor, via the woefully inadequate bucket I'd decided to use! Note to self - bigger bucket required.

We also cleared the last bit of spoil and bits of tarmac from our neighbour's drive, although there's still a lot out there, its just frozen solid!

Our kitchen should be arriving this week, the kitchen tap came yesterday. Just the worktops to buy.

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