Monday, 6 December 2010

Kitchen has arrived, we have made some progress to fitting it all but most of Friday afternoon and the weekend has been taken up with sleeping, as I was (and still am to be honest) completely knackered from not sleeping well last week. Here's a closeup of the zebrano wood effect (called 'Avant Ebony' in second nature kitchen language): That still has it's protective film on, and the photo doesnt do it justice anyway. It looks pretty good in the photo, it looks amazing in real life!
After admiring this for some time, we moved on to actually fitting some units. Here's the bottom compartment of the tall unit in the corner, as you can see we've hacked this one about a fair bit to incorporate the incoming water main. The little Ewok type thing peeking through the back is our Scalewatcher, which is also now up and running:
Wider shot of the two tall units installed:
You can see our island unit in that picture aswell. Although it's not technically an island unit, it's separate to the rest of them, so I'm going to carry on referring to it as the island unit. Here's a closer picture of it:
And the other side of the white units, here's the corner unit and the sink unit in place, with our temporary fridge in the other corner:

No doors at that stage, we fitted some on Sunday after basically guessing where to put the holes for the hinges, as no information came from the manufacturer other than how to use their own proprietary jig! Luckily it was an educated guess, and the hinges have enough adjustment in them to allow perfect placement left/right and up/down. The drawer boxes are particularly good for this. In general, I can say that the quality is right up there from what we've seen so far. Only minor downside is they didnt supply screws to affix the doors, and they missed one thing from the order - which was rectified without dispute with one phone call. 9/10 for DIYKitchens :)

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