Monday, 13 December 2010

This weekend we have got our roomstats wired up and working properly, which is really good. On saturday, the heat pump came on once to raise the temperature inside the house to our currently specified 18 degrees, and then didnt need to come on at all again for the rest of the day and the temperature remained the same.

We fitted the two wall units and horizontal bifold doors, here they are closed: and open:
We are particularly pleased with these. They were an absolute nightmare to fit, and disproportionately expensive, but worth it! I did take a video of Emma opening and closing them, I'll see if it uploads later.
We are on the verge of finalising our oven / microwave / coffee machine choice, and we will probably come back to the Bosch stuff we decided on last week, as my efforts to persuade Emma she only needs one oven have thus far failed. So it looks like we'll be going for a conventional double oven instead of a pyrolitic single oven and warming drawer (booo!), with matching microwave and coffee machine. We're going to save nearly £250 by buying them all together, before Jan 4th, and Alex in particular will be happy that because the coffee machine also functions as an instant hot water tap, we wont be needing the £180 Bugatti kettle any more. Although I've already received a substantial amount of abuse for proposing to spend a four figure sum of money on a coffee machine, so perhaps not.

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