Monday, 31 January 2011

This weekend we went walking in the Black Mountains, which was nice. We also completed the installation of the worktop for the island unit, and the hob inset within it. We also got the LED lights and plinth done for the tall oven units. Here are some photos:
Nice. Just some skirting boards to go, a couple of appliances, and one or two odd things - and the kitchen will be finished.
We bought a magnetic knife rack from the Swindon Outlet Village:

And we bought some more of those lights from B&Q, using them this time to light the worktop below the cabinets. I also tidied the wiring up loads:

(they're not really floodlights, the photo is overexposed)
We have not received a reply from our builder who did the rendering, so we will be taking him to court! We've decided to limit the amount we're claiming from him to £5000, because that allows us to use the small claims track, which is much less worrying, much less expensive, and much faster to achieve a resolution - which on balance is probably worth the loss of a couple of grand of potential claimage. We're not sure, if we did sue for more cash, that the guy would even be able to pay up. So watch this space for updates on that.

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