Tuesday, 18 January 2011

We got our Smeg appliances in place last night, after chopping out the upper shelves and installing two new shelves for the ovens to sit on. Surprisingly, the large pizza oven was quite a bit lighter than the smaller microwave combi oven. The difference to the kitchen just from installing these ovens is unbelievable - the room looks so much bigger now! I dont really understand why, but it does! They look supercool, despite not being exactly mm perfect yet:The left hand oven is pyrolitic, and also comes with a pizza stone that goes in the bottom to properly cook pizzas, and a huge metal spatula to get the pizzas out with too. Italians do love their pizzas - and so do I! It also comes with telescopic rails for one of the trays, but the handles for the trays are missing. Here is the pizza stone:

I shall buy some coffee beans, and we can test out the coffee machine tonight :-)

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