Thursday, 10 February 2011

Last night we cooked our first pizza using the pizza stone in our new oven! We disagreed with the recommendation to cook it at 280 degrees for 4 minutes (!), so we found ourselves altering the temperature and time of a set recipe. The oven seems fairly intuitive to use, clear display, useful functions, quick to heat up. It even recommends a shelf for you to put your food on! The pizza was extremely nice. On cold winter nights you could even take the hot stone and put it in your bed to warm your bed up! Not that we'd ever need that with a constant 18 degrees in our bedroom from the underfloor heating :)

After dinner, Emma painted the door surrounds where I'd nailed them in, and I finished trimming the carpet and tucking it in at the edge of the screed. I also re-assembled an old Ikea unit that I've had stored at my parents for 2 years, and replaced the knackered old chest of drawers with it. We might even keep it, it looks ok in the new room :)

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