Monday, 7 February 2011

We completed the electrics on saturday morning, so now our ovens, hob, and bathroom mirror are all wired up and working. Tonight we will try cooking some pasta ourselves, in our own house, for the first time ever! Here's the bathroom mirror. No pull cord, you just wave your hand underneath it and it comes on: We also did the grippers, underlay, and carpet in the bedrooms:

Obviously it's not finished yet, but all we need is the right tool and a final trim to size and it's done. Then we can fit the skirting boards and the bedrooms are totally finished!
We also tried to do our soakaway test, but we couldnt get the water into the pit fast enough, it just drained away immediately! We managed to get a foot of water in the bottom of it, and that disappeared completely after 20 minutes. Good news. This also served the purpose of flushing through the water pipes of all the soil that got in while the pipe was being laid.
We also had some bad news - the letter we sent to Paul was returned to us on saturday! Basically he wasnt in when the post office tried to deliver it, so they left a card - and he never turned up to claim the letter. I did really want him to read that letter. Oh well. I have today posted it to him, out of courtesy - but it's all irelevant now because court proceedings have already begun!
I also purchased a new acoustic guitar, a 12 string this time, something else I've wanted for ages.

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