Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The council delivered our wheely-bin yesterday. It has a bent lid.

I attached the bath panel last night with much fuss, because the clips that are meant to hold it up broke, because they're too far forwards - the bath panel was about 1/2" proud of the bath, and pushing it in just broke the clips off! So I had to trim it aound where the 2 remaining unbroken clips were. Nothing is ever straightforward.

We have a date for our court case, the 6th of April. Good job I did so much in preparing for the previous submission, because that's only 2 weeks away! Whatever the outcome (I dont want to use the word 'shoe-in', but I cant see that he has even the faintest hope of defending himself), at least it will be resolved, and we can get on with ripping it all off and employing someone who isnt completely retarded to do it properly.

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