Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Skirting in kitchen finished last night, with the last little bit round the back of the fridge. Tomorrow is the day we cash the £1500 cheque which makes up the last part of the out-of-court settlement from our builder, fingers crossed!

To my perpetual annoyance come springtime, the garden is doing the whole 'growing' thing again. Still, at least I can get into buying some decent petrol powered death-to-all-living-things garden machinery again! Top of the list is a brushcutter - the Sovereign strimmer I bought last year is a pile of junk (buy cheap, buy twice - so true!). But I am also tempted by a flamethrower, and a mulching garden vac to tidy up afterwards - although Emma can operate that one, I'll be the one in front dealing out the havoc :-D

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