Thursday, 4 August 2011

Half present to myself, half facilitating the paying off of some debts (by it costing half what the Mondeo should be worth), here is my new '93 Nissan Skyline:This one is a GTS-t, as opposed to the GTR which I had before, which means a) 2l turbo not 2.6l twin turbo, b) rear wheel drive not variable four wheel drive, c) it cost me about £2k not £8k. Still looks and sounds awesome though, and whilst it doesnt exactly have the near-500bhp my last one did, it's still an event to drive it and it still pins you in your seat as it comes onto booooost. Or maybe I've just forgotten what a fast car feels like after all these years :-D

That seat + rock hard suspension = back breaking! Set of GTR seats required ASAP, although that is all under control. Happy Jeff :-)

Normal service will be resumed (ie talking about house stuff) at the weekend. It's been UNBEARABLY hot lately, so we havent slept very well, so we havent had the energy to work this week. Hopefully the weather will return to some sort of normal at the weekend and we can get on with a few jobs.

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