Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wow, 6 days of probably the hardest sustained physical effort we've endured in the whole project! 16 tonnes of gravel, 3 tonnes of tarmac, 3 tonnes of slate chippings, breaking up old tarmac, edging, and a new gate! It took something like 10 phone calls to get the tarmac delivery confirmed, people telling us the wrong things and generally not being helpful, until we managed to speak to the person who quoted me via email and then it was all sorted. And Farmington gave us bad advice aswell regarding their delivery, meaning we ended up paying extra for a less convenient method of delivery. Still, at least our neighbour Alun sorted the compactor for us, which was very generous of him. Here are some pictures: Front path area under construction. We have a few more paving slabs to lay and the rest of the chippings to put down, this will be done at the weekend:

We had a little gravel left over, so we moved it here next to the decking:

The good news is we can claim VAT on all the gravel and the tarmac too.

Also, I put up a shelf in the airing cupoard, finished the improvements to my poker table, cut up some more tiles for the bathroom, and helped my brother with fitting the new suspension to our car.

The people from Niche are coming on Monday it looks like, to film the piece about our house for selfbuilderTV.

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