Thursday, 17 November 2011

Trying to get quotes for home and contents insurance, it seems none of the major companies are interested in insuring houses with timber frame walls or a flat roof, so as ours has both it may prove to be more expensive than a 'normal' house. The only quote I've been able go get online so far is about £300 for home and contents. Although bearing in mind the apparently 'specialist' nature of insuring our house, it may be better to get contents cover seperately.

Again the prospects of any work to the house this weekend are slim, with Emma away and my brother and I going to Rockingham for a trackday, so we have set our sights on a Christmas deadline. Whilst in any normal circumstances, this would be the absolute worst thing to say, we are already living comfortably in the house so its merely motivation for us to get up and do stuff, rather than it being an enormous let-down if we dont hit it.

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