Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well, Blogger seems to have become complete and total rubbish since I last wrote a post on here, so not sure how long I'll persevere with this, but here goes (for now) anyway.

So last weekend we formally started on building the garage. We hired a digger and a skip, cleared the site adjacent to the house which had become a giant tip. As of last night the foundations are ready for concrete - we had to dig the front corner by hand because the electricity and water pipes cross it. Concrete and pump is booked for 8.30am this Saturday, pictures will follow. Maybe.


  1. At what stage did you get your air pressure test carried out and who did you get to do it? Also, did the VAT man accept your claim for your bathroom units? I remember you were going to apply to get the VAT back on them in the same way as the kitchen units. Just interested to see how you got on.

  2. We didnt need an air pressure test, and HMRC approved everything we submitted :-)

  3. Hello,
    I have just come across your blog and would be interested in talking to you about your experiences of elf build. Myself and some colleagues at the Centre for Housing Policy at the Unviersity of York are undertaking some research for Lloyds Banking Group about the potential for self build housing. I would love to hear about your experiences if at all possible. Would you be willing to talk to us about your project?
    My email is I can give you further information and see if you'd be interested?
    Would you get in touch at all?
    Very best wishes,

    Alison Wallace Research Fellow