Monday, 30 March 2009

Breaking ground

After speaking with a senior planning consultant, we made a start on Sunday. Using an upside-down spraycan and a scaffold plank as a straightedge, we measured the edges of the foundations from the gridlines, and took down one of the gridlines to allow access for digigng. The stakes and nails are still there so we can put the string back up once the concrete is cast, to mark the line from which to build the walls:
After an hour or so of digging it looked like this: Not a massive amount of digging, but it is quite hard work! We think a cubic metre of soil has come out of there, and we have 20 cubic metres to shift. Now we have the light evenings, an hour a day should be quite reasonable, and we should have the foundations dug within our estimated three week timescale, a week of which has already gone.

We then squandered the rest of the afternoon buying a super-cool new digital camera for Emma, and a super-cool new Alfa Romeo for me. Winner :-D

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