Friday, 27 March 2009

Teething problems

I've tried to pay money into our joint account (which we set up to handle the money for the build) twice now, and both times the transfer has been rejected. I guess we'll have to wait for the paperwork to arrive, rather than relying on an account number given to me over the phone.

There might be a problem with starting digging this weekend! Most of the conditions attached to our planning permission require that we address them before the development is OCCUPIED, but 3 of them say they have to be sorted before the development is COMMENCED, which we had hoped would be tomorrow! An oversight on my part, not reading it properly. However, one of the clauses should have been sorted with a letter and a cheque I sent the council 6 weeks ago, and I reckon another one doesnt actually apply, so there's only actually one thing to deal with - and it's to do with the precise detailing of the roof edge, which wont matter until much later on this year. So I'm hoping that if I manage to talk to someone at the council today, we might get the go-ahead to begin this weekend as we originally planned.
Failing that, we'll go and see the Alfa Romeo GTV I've had my eye on instead ;)

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